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Currently qualified under Queensland TMR Traffic Management Design (TMD) certification. Shield Traffic have a separate planning department with TMD's based in Gladstone, Gin Gin, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gympie, and Brisbane. We use the latest Invarion Software and Google Earth overlays to ensure that planning is both current, compliant and with a quick turn around time. We understand the legislation so that you can rely on our clarity and service for all your planning requirements both for worksites and events.

Shield Traffic is proud to be recognised under the respected certification of Transport Main Roads for Traffic Management Services in Queensland. Registration Number 0143. With 90% of our team holding current Level 2 licences (Traffic Management Implementation), we are able to provide all clients at any tier level a quality and experienced crew. Shield Traffic is all about our people, we are a team first and foremost who take pride in our responsibilities to protest people's lives. We offer ongoing training and support as well as social events to keep everyone moving together in a positive way.

Always looking for people to join the team that are focused on safety, and compliance but most importantly, those that want to be part of great team of people on a daily basis.  We enjoy annual company events and regular catch ups to build the unity and respect.

The grounding success of our company is the teams of people we have working with us.

Traffic Controllers are the barrier between moving vehicles and the people they are there to protect so it is essential that when they set foot in a high risk environment that they are trained and prepared.

This is done through each Branch TMD, qualified to understand the Clients site compliance and be able to support, train and build on our Controllers skills and professionalism.

Continuous site support, Audits, Compliance training and skillsets are the fundamental role of each Branch TMD, so that  our Clients can see the results, build the trust, capabilites and overall strengthen the safety barrier our Controllers provide.

In return, our Clients benefit from a skilled workforce with professional representation of their company at the entry of their sites and a qualified TMD to support onsite Planning and Site Compliance implementations.

Site Vehicles represent ourselves and our Clients. They are the first thing the public see or look for to identify a site or our company so its imperative that they make a good first impression.  This goes for signage and overall presentation of our sites - keep them clean, clear and the message concise so that when you pass through, it's with respect and understanding.

The purpose of equipment hire is so that our Clients have a one stop shop when it comes to Traffic Management.  Ask the team about using our Solar Powered Lighting Towers, they are efficient and easy to move behind our vehicles when ever the situation calls for them.

C- Class LED multi colour VMS Boards also come with speed radars for those sites where traffic time records are required in accordance with the MRTS02 or you just need to keep the public alerted to their speed.

Portable Traffic Lights ( PTSS ) Devices are a must on Queensland roads From 1 July 2018, these devices must be used in support of Traffic Controllers where applicable on all roads with an AADT (Average Annual Daily Traffic) of over 1000 vpd (vehicles per day) and a speed limit of 80 km/h or greater.

The purpose of the PTSS is supported by our company as it gets our valued Controllers off the travel path and away from danger whilst still controlling and communicating the protection of the site.