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About Us

TRANSPORT MAIN ROADS QUEENSLAND  classifications and legislation.

Transport Main Road Registration Scheme      Registration Number: 0143


NIBEC pty ltd is Licenced under the Act to provide Labour Hire in the state: LHL-00946-W1K8P.


Assignit – Council signage placement

Assignar – Internal rostering and communication system to all field staff

Invarion – Full program for Planning designs and implementation of MUTCD updates to the site

Google Earth – Imagery and site profiling available to all vehicle tablets


Traffic Management through the wet Labour hire of licenced traffic controllers, site vehicles and site applicable traffic advisory signage.

Direct supply of wet/dry hire - Portable Traffic Lights, Variable Message Boards and lighting towers.

The purpose of our company and industry is to provide front line protection under the WHS Act 2011 for PCBU Road Workers or other industries where their work on or near a road way impacts the safety of the public or themselves.

We are TRUSTED by many to understand and implement current regulations to leave the guess works of Traffic Management and represent our Clients PROFESSIONALLY on their worksites.

We PROTECT our community through local employment and support and LOYALTY of local industry.

  • Our Traffic Management Designers have extensive KNOWLEDGE of the latest MUTCD, Supplements and Austroad Guide to ASSIST you with any site specific Planning for Queensland Roads as well as contracted site legislation for TMR works.



Shield Traffic have full time Site Compliance Auditor.  Their job is to monitor sites for set up, safety and communication.  This is a highly effective method of ensuring on-going training and support for the entire team.  We believe each member of the company contributes to its success and therefore each member works in conjunction with one and other to ensure safety and quality at all times.



  • Capable of servicing both Short or Long term works in accordance with MUTCD Queensland
  • Full Traffic Management Planning and site supply for long term signage and day set ups.
  • Lead Vehicle experience, and full WHS site documentation available through vehicle tablets and software



  • TORUM Act 1995 and associated Regulations
  • QLD WHS Act 2011 and associated Regulation
  • QLD MUTCD Part 3 Work on Roads, current version.
  • QLD MUTCD Supplementary Notes (previously known as TRUM notes),
  • Traffic Management for Construction or Maintenance Code of Practice 2008
  • Dept. TMR MRTS02



Nominated Traffic Control Officer or Designer
If required, we have both internal and sub-contracted Traffic Management Designers responsible for complex traffic management schemes which have significant impacts on delays or traffic rerouting.



  • Traffic Controllers utilised on the Project will be qualified in accordance with the Transport Operation (Road Use Management) Act 1995, and have undergone a General Safety Induction CPPCOHS101A and/or 30215QLD (Construction Industry) course as required by the Work Health and Safety Act;
  • Traffic Controller licenses issued by Queensland Transport together with the General Safety Induction Card will be carried by all Traffic Controllers always while undertaking their duties;
  • All Traffic Controllers shall wear the required Traffic Controllers Uniform in accordance with Queensland Standards as specified in TCASAP clothing provisions;
  • At least 80% of the Traffic Controllers on duty at any time shall have Level 2 Traffic Implementation qualifications.
  • Traffic Controllers must comply with the MUTCD and WHS Act 2011 on all sites.
  • Traffic controllers to be inducted under the PCBU where applicable at either the companies training rooms, clients training rooms or on site.



  • Traffic controllers are be located in a suitable position and have a clear escape path this is applicable during the use of PTSS units as well.
  • Traffic controllers will have to sight the PCBU’s Construction Safety Plan, Traffic Management Plan & relevant Work Method Statements specific to their area of operation.
  • Any site where a Controller is operating on the road line or replaced by a PTSS, the operating Controller must have clear line of site in all directions of the work site to operate more than one PTSS.   ( as per the MUTCD distances 100 – 150m ).
  • Regulatory signs, advisory signs and all other traffic control signs and devices necessary for the safe and effective control of traffic and the safety of work personnel on this project will be installed as required by the nominated specialist traffic control organization;
  • All road signage, at various locations within this contract will be in accordance with Queensland Department of Main Roads MUTCD current revision, and shall be inspected throughout the day with all records maintained;
  • All fatigue breaks ( every 2 hours ) must still apply to PTSS operating Controllers.
  • Where the PTSS may fail or deemed unsuitable for continual use due to site conditions changing, a Controller must be able to assume correct operating procedures for manual Traffic Control of the work site.
  • HBT and Shield Traffic recommends that a Traffic Controller be present at all PTSS locations to operate the devices and monitor safe methods of control.   At no time is a PTSS to be unsupervised creating an exposure of risk for the PCBU.
  • Traffic Controllers are under the supervision and care of the contractor and the site supervisor whilst carrying out duties for your company and it is the responsibility of the PCBU to make the Controllers aware of their obligations, safety and duties.
  • Job safety audits are completed to confirm that the worksite meets the required standards. Our JSA/SWMS site safety and site- specific hazard audits on all jobs. Our staff can identify risks before they become problem